You may wonder, "How do we generate our scores?"

SSL Certificate for HTTPS

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is an open key framework that uses the RSA technique for encryption and verification through security testaments.

It builds up a safe association between the customer and the server through the protected convention HTTPS. It is an ideal decision for securing sensitive data, for example, client contact, or payment card details.

The open key framework uses two keys - public & private keys - which encode and decode the data individually.

Secure access to information is guaranteed with the help of terms and conditions issued by a Certificate Authority (CA), which is only directed to the particular area or server. The trading of information occurs after the endorsement check and consequently, goes through a SSL association secretly and safely. It is important that you understand how the SSL security component works.


Customer Reviews

Testimonials and reviews can be the key to an untapped sales avenue. Over 70% of shoppers state that they look at research surveys before purchasing anything, and about 63% show that they are bound to purchase from a site that has product reviews. Social confirmation can persuade potential reluctant customers, and reduce the number of returns by guaranteeing that those who buy products are happy with their purchase.

Customer Reviews

Unique Content

Great content is what separates your site from the others and it conveys the correct message to your clients. The success of your online presence revolves first and foremost around its content, followed by every other aspect of your website - structure, visuals, recordings, and so on.

When planning what content will go on your site, you should start by conducting appropriate and thorough research. For example, one of the first, and most important, things to research is your high-value clients (HVC) and create typical HVC personas for your site. Once you've done this and you have a good idea of what your HCVs like, you need to decide how you're going to target them. Slogans and trademarks that are client driven (i.e. centres on exactly what the client needs) are simple ways of attracting your target audience.

Your message needs to catch people's eyes with keywords, offers or USPs, and include a powerful call-to-action (CTA). In order to have an effective website, it needs to have clear, relevant and keyword-rich content that conveys the correct message with influence and conviction.

Ultimately, the content on your site should focus on your target audience, connect with them and influence them to make a move.

Unique Content

SEO Score

SEO means "Search Engine Optimisation". It involves both enhancing the quality of the website and increasing the amount of site traffic through non-paid (otherwise called "natural" or “organic”) internet search results.

SEO is as much about the individuals that are searching, as it is about the websites themselves. It's tied in with understanding what your target audience is searching the web for, the appropriate content to what they are looking for and the words they're using to search for what they want and need (keywords). Gaining knowledge of this information will enable you to target the users who are searching the web specifically for your services.

As you may already realise, meeting people's expectation is one side of the SEO coin, and conveying it in a way that a website crawler can discover and comprehend it is the other side.


Social Media Accounts

Social Media Marketing is an amazing route for organisations of all sizes to achieve potential leads, prospects and clients. Your clients are currently communicating with brands through Social Media, and in case you're not engaging with your target audience through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more, you're passing up a great opportunity! Incredible promoting power via web-based networking can have an extremely positive impact on your business.